Mayall jubilee at Notodden


British blues legend John Mayall will perform at Notodden Blues Festival on August 3rd, as he also starts celebrating his 80th birthday together with his Norwegian fans. Mayall has been highly popular in Norway ever since he was part of the British blues boom in the 1960's. He will turn 80 on November 29.


Back in 2004 Mayall was honoured with the Blues Award at Notodden in honour of his effort as the main ambassador for the blues in Europe. Together with his colleagues, Mayall was responsible for introducing the blues music to a pan European audience, before the American blues had managed to find foothold across the continent. John Mayall is still going strong and releases albums as well as doing frequent tours.

Notodden will be the focal point of a small Scandinavian Tour this autumn.

- He really starts his Jubilee tour later in the autumn, but we had a sincere wish that our audience should also be able to appreciate this event. Being a summer festival, we made an initiative towards Mayall, and fortunately he found it a splendid idea as well, Jostein Forsberg of Notodden Blues Festival explains to BN.


When Mayall played Notodden back in 2004, he gathered an audience of 5000 spectators, which had the privilege and joy seeing and hearing him play all of his biggest hits. To many of the visitors of Notodden, Mayall has been the entrance to a lifelong interest to music, both as listeners and practicing musicians.


Jostein Forsberg adds;

- Notodden Blues Festival is the place where a lot of people really want to experience John Mayall. We are having a double birthday, with Mayall turning 80 and Notodden an even 100. I guess you can say that the champion is coming 'home' to celebrate!


During the British blues explotion in the 1960's John Mayall fronted a creative environment that also gave the world bands and musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Cream as well as John Mayalls own band and brand, The Bluesbreakers.


Other artists that have been confirmed for Notodden Blues Festival between August 1st and 4th are Charlie Musselwhite, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Valkyrien Allstars and Mike Andersen.